press1 [pres]
[ME pressen < MFr presser < L pressare, freq. of premere, to press < IE base * per-, to strike > OSlav p'rati, to strike]
1. to act on with steady force or weight; push steadily against; squeeze
2. to depress or touch (a button, key, etc.) as in using an elevator, keyboard, etc.
a) to extract juice, etc. from by squeezing
b) to squeeze (juice, etc.) out
a) to squeeze for the purpose of making smooth, compact, etc.; compress
b) to iron (clothes, etc.), esp. with a heavy iron or steam machine
5. to embrace closely
6. to force; compel; constrain
7. to urge or request earnestly or persistently; entreat; importune
8. to impose by persistent entreaty; try to force [to press a gift on a friend]
9. to lay stress on; be insistent about; emphasize
10. to distress or trouble; harass
11. to urge on; drive quickly
12. to shape (a phonograph record, metal or plastic products, etc.) by use of a form or matrix
13. Archaic to crowd; throng
14. Obs. OPPRESS
1. to exert pressure; specif.,
a) to weigh down; bear heavily
b) to go forward with energetic or determined effort
c) to force one's way
d) to crowd; throng
e) to be urgent or insistent
f) to try too hard [he strikes out often because he is pressing]
2. to react to being pressed, or ironed [this fabric presses well]
3. to iron clothes, etc.
1. a pressing or being pressed; pressure, urgency, etc.
2. a crowd; throng
3. an instrument or machine by which something is crushed, squeezed, stamped, smoothed, etc. by pressure
4. a viselike device in which a tennis racket, etc. can be stored to keep it from warping
5. the condition of clothes as to smoothness, creases, etc. after pressing
a) short for PRINTING PRESS
b) a printing or publishing establishment
c) the art, business, or practice of printing
d) newspapers, magazines, news services, etc. in general, or the persons who write for them; journalism or journalists
e) publicity, criticism, etc. in newspapers, magazines, etc. [to receive a bad press]
7. an upright closet in which clothes or other articles are kept
8. Basketball a defensive tactic in which offensive players are guarded very closely, usually over the full court
9. Weight Lifting a lift in which the barbell or weight is pushed away from the body using the arms or legs
go to press
to start to be printed or to begin printing
press2 [pres]
[altered (infl. by PRESS1) < obs prest, to enlist for military service by advance pay < OFr prester < L praestare, to vouch for, warrant < praes, surety (< prae-, PRE- + vas, bail, surety: for IE base see WED) + stare, to STAND]
1. to force into military or naval service; impress
2. to force or urge into any kind of service
3. to use in a way different from the ordinary, esp. in an emergency
1. an impressment, or forcing into service, esp. naval or military service
2. Obs. an order for impressing recruits

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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